Fully automatic machines for the production of ice cream moulded wafer cones and cups of any type, shape and size as well as rolled cone imitation with a high sugar content. Heating can be by electricity (any voltage), natural gas or liquid gas. The capacity is from 1920 to 23040 pieces per hour.

The machine can have 12, 14, 18, 24, 36, 44 or 48 moulds according to desired production and each mould can have from 3 to 11 cavities depending on cone size. The moulds have standard dimensions and are interchangeable. The adjustable automatic pump guarantees a precise and uniform injection of the dough into the moulds. The cones are trimmed of excess dough by a scraping knife and after having been ejected, are automatically discharged and stacked. The machine then delivers the finished comes to the operator ready to be packaged. Complete with temperature control. The machines are supplied with all operative instructions including the recipe to make the wafer cones

Video Autocon

Video Autocon


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