Печь для выпечки плоской вафли размеров 260 х 380 мм. Нагрев – электрический. Имеет надежную конструкцию и проста в эксплуатации.

Machine for the production of flat wafers. Electric heating. Strong and easy to be used, this machine produces flat wafers measuring 260 x 380 mm. The thickness of the wafer is adjustable and can go from 1 up to 6 mm… The production depends on the type of dough used and the thickness of the wafer itself.

Machine for the production of flat wafers measuring 260 x 380 x 1-6 mm. Wafer thickness (distance between the plates) adjustable from 0 mm to 6 mm. Electric heating with 230 V, 50 Hz, monophase. Temperature control with a display to show the upper and lower baking plates. Strong painted steel frame with counterweight to maintain the mould easily opened and to reduce the effort for its opening and closing. Locking device by lever. Cast iron baking plates with special electric resistors which distribute the heating uniformly on their surface. Dimensions: 1.000x850x560 mm. Weight: 250 Kg approx.


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