Any type of machine to produce rolled sugar cigars, cigarettes, fan-shaped wafers of various shapes.

These machines produce single wafers or wafer ribbon. Downstream devices, either manual or semi-automatic or fully automatic roll and shape the wafer forming cigars, triangular fan shaped wafer etc. In our catalogue “Cigarettes, fan-shaped wafers…” are shown some of the most common types but any other design could be made. Just ask our technical office. Heating can be by electricity (any voltage), natural gas or liquid gas. The control of baking temperatures is automatic. The machines are supplied with all operative instructions including the recipe to make the cones.

To start to make cones, cigars, baskets/shells etc.. these convenient professionals electrical machines are just the best solution. The produced wafer made using the most different recipe (a basic recipe is supplied by our company) can be shaped, using the suitable accessories, in the many forms: rolled sugar cones, cigars or cigarettes, baskets, etc.

Automatic machine to produce flat wafer or rolled sugar cones and/or cigars and bowls/baskets/shells. Electric heating.